Faculty of International Economics and Management

Research Work of the Department

The research of teachers of the Department represents original authored concepts of the Ukrainian artistic and professional economic discourses taking account of the national and cross-cultural components; focuses on specific features of the development and the formation of a system of the Ukrainian terms in economics making it possible to track the trends of lexical processes recorded at the current development stage of the Ukrainian literary language. The following are the major lines of the scientific research: 

  1. Contemporary Economic Discourse Studies
  2. Contemporary Artistic Discourse Studies
  3. Study of the Lexical Stock of the Ukrainian Language (on the basis of texts of various styles)
  4. Study of Linguistic Strategies of the Cross-cultural Communication
  5. Culture of the Ukrainian Language
  6. Culture of the Scientific Language
  7. Ukrainian Language in the Information Environment
  8. Innovative Teaching Technologies.

The ongoing co-operation of the Department with institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and leading education establishments of Ukraine contributes to the development of the theoretical linguistics (especially, stylistics and terminology), the improvement of methods of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language and, by doing so, to the development of the modern pedagogical dialogue between a student and a teacher.

Last redaction: 27.08.19