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German Language Department

The German Language Department is striving for the assurance of the most favourable conditions for the training of future economists in the German language and for being the university-level centre of the accumulation and the dissemination of the knowledge about the German language and the German-speaking countries. The Department is focused on the application of modern communication methodologies in teaching, which are focused on instilling verbal and writing language skills adequate to the specific communicative situation. The development and maintenance of international contacts of the University with the higher education establishments of German-speaking countries, such as universities of Konstanz (www.uni-konstanz.de) and Bremen (www.uni-bremen.de) (Germany), and Vienna Economics University (www.wu-wien.ac.at) (Austria) are yet another important aspect of the Department's work.

The efforts of the Department are implemented in specific positive results confirmed with victories of students of the Department at the National German Language Olympics every year (starting from 2002 without any exception).

Teachers teach German to more than 900 students every year.

History of the German Language Department

The establishment of the German Language Department (the first specialised foreign-language department in a non-linguistic higher education establishment) has legitimately resulted from the novel history of the KNEU. The attention paid by the management to the improvement of the teaching process efficiency, the active and consecutive development of the partnership with Konstanz University and Vienna Economics University have been the drivers (both internally and externally) for the decision made by the Academic Council on 26 April 2001 to organise the German Language Department as a new department in the university.

Disciplines Taught by the Department
German Language (specialty International Economics)

German Language: this discipline is studied at various intensity levels (4 to 8 hours per week) during the first two years of study by students of all specialities. The study is followed by an examination.

German as a Second Foreign Language

German as a Second Foreign Language: this two-year course (taught at the 3rd and 4th years of study) 4 hours per week is only included into the curriculum of the training of bachelors in Speciality 6503 (International Economics). The best students are given an opportunity to pass the state appraisal

German for Business

German for Business: this is a two-year course (taught at the 3rd and 4th years of study) 4 hours per week at the International Economics and Management Faculty. It is aimed at the profound study of the specialist language of economics. The course is completed by the state appraisal.

Professional Law German
German language