Faculty of International Economics and Management

Department of International Economics

The faculty of international economics (was founded in 1996) is  among  nine  core operating faculties of department of international economics and management, that is specialized on research of  theoretically - methodological  problems of global economic development, regional orientation and competitiveness of countries, integration connection of Ukraine and socialization of world economy.

A professor - teaching body  (25 people) provides an educational process on all faculties of the university from normative discipline of  bachelor cycle  of the International economy and  to 8 specialized courses on the master's degree programs of faculty of international economy and management and Center of master's degree preparation of Kiev National Economic University.

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During the  years of  existence of the faculty there were prepared  7 doctors and 30 candidates of economic science. Presently 6 professors and 8 assistant professors(senior lecturers ) work on the faculty, among them there are known scientists in Ukraine   such as (the member of National  Academy of Science of Ukraine Pahomov Y. M., Prof. Poruchnik A.M., Prof. Kalenuk I.S., Prof. Antonuk L.L., Prof. Shvudanenko O.A., Prof. Stolyarchuk Y.M.)

Important directions of scientifically-consulting activity of department is participation of its specialists in preparation of legislative and normative documents, analytical materials for the state institutes of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine; Ministry of economy of Ukraine; Research  institute of Ministry of economy  and concerning questions of  European integration of Ukraine; Edinburgh school of business; Institute of economy, ecology and law; Kyiv Regional State Administration; Institute of gas of National Academy of Science of Ukraine; Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade; State committee on questions with regulator policy; joint-stock company DHL international Ukraine.

History of department

It was created in 1996 on the basis of department of international economic relations, the first head became  the doctor of economic science, professor, academician of National Academy of Science of Ukraine U.M. Pahomov. Starting from 1997 it was headed by the doctor of economic science, professor A. М. Poruchnik, who had finished the postgraduate study and doctoral studies in Kiev National Economic University.  They laid the foundations of forming of methodical and research - potential of department, that was reflected, first of all, on forming of its highly skilled  complement. If  in 1997 there were 2 doctors and 4 candidates of science that worked in the department, presently already 6 doctors and 13 candidates of economic science work there. On this moment a department has reached the level of self-reproduction , that’s because   approximately 30% of the complement were  the  students, who graduated  from the  faculty.

Professor - teaching body

The collective of department is optimal in qualification and age complement. It is presented with : economists-theorists, that possess the  methodology and theory of international economic relations at high level(Professors U. M. Pahomov,  A. M. Poruchnik,  I.S. Kalenuk ,  L. L. Antonuk,  O. A. Shvudanenko , Y. M. Stolyarchuk ) and  specialists  on certain  disciplines(senior lecturers V. I. Filipenko, O. U. Pachenko, D. O. Ilnuchkyi, I. P. Olshevska,  A. A .Grichenko, U. V. Gaidai, E. U. Molchanova, I. V.Brukova.

25 teachers work on the faculty, including 6 professors and 8 associate professors(senior lectures) that are leading specialists in industry of international economic relations. Among them scientists, that are known both in Ukraine and outside the country: the head of  the department of international economy, the academician  of Academy of Science of  High School of Ukraine, doctor of economic science, professor A. M. Poruchnik;  the academician  of Academy of Science of Ukraine, doctor of economic science, professor U. M. Pahomov; doctors of economic science, professors I.S. Kalenuk , L.L.Antonuk,  O.A.Shvudanenko , Y. M. Stolyarchuk.


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