Faculty of International Economics and Management

Educational Methodology Work

The Department considers the development of the professionally oriented intercultural communication competence of students (future economists) to be the major objective of its educational methodology work.  The priority of this approach is based on the applied and practical nature of the teaching work of the Department, which does not include theoretical disciplines in the field of the German philology. 

This unique conceptual approach is focused on international contact needs and shifts the accent in mastering German toward the dialogical situation-based speaking; it provides for the comprehensive assimilation of phonetic, lexical and grammatical standards in focused speaking acts; it encourages the expression of own opinions and arguments by students. Thus, it is focused in developing verbal and writing skills in students adequate to the specific communication situation.

In addition to the use of the best literature available on the education market, the teachers of the Department are involved into the creative research developing own teaching materials that take account of needs of specific German-language courses and specific features of specialities in a higher education establishment in the field of economics. This important work has resulted in a number of textbooks that have been properly endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: "Specialist German Language. Enterprise Economics" (2006) by O.O. Havrysh; "German. Finance and Banking" (2006) by I.H. Ostrovska; "German for Economists. Interactive Practicum. Beginner's Course (2007) by V.S. Kovtun; "Business German on the Basis of Examples from Modern Mass Media" (2008) by M.M. Havrysh and A.V. Kapush; "German for Law Students" (2009) by a team of authors managed by M.M. Havrysh; "German as a Second Foreign Language (for Economics Students) (2010) by a team of authors managed by M.M. Havrysh.

Major Lines of the Educational Methodology Work

The educational methodology work of the German Language Department is focused on the following aspects:

  1. Strengthening the innovative component of the teaching process
  2. Diversification of forms of students' self-directed work
  3. Improving final control of the students' knowledge level
  4. Development of educational methodology materials of the new generation. The results of the determined effort in this area include thirteen textbooks and educational software developed and implemented into the teaching process by teachers of the Department during the first ten years of its operation.
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