Faculty of International Economics and Management

Department of European Economy and Business

     Department of European Economy and Business was established on September 1, 2010 (under the title - Department of European Integration). The mission of our Department lies in the fundamental training of specialists in international economics toward the Master’s Degree under educational-professional programs "International Economic Relations" and "International Economics" (Master Degree Program "European Business").

     Master Degree Program "European Business", founded in 2005 under the title "European integration", is an exclusive specialization in training of economists in international affairs for their further work at supranational, national, regional and business levels. The uniqueness of the Master Degree Program lies in building strong competence for doing business in the EU Member States, facilitating professional skills to operate business in conditions of intense competition and strict regulation of activities in different sectors of the continental market. 

     The proof of the high-quality Masters training is the successful employment of our graduates: in government agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, etc.), in the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, in the European Busines Association, as well as in some leading European multinational corporations ("Nestle" (Switzerland), “Rehau”, “Siemens” (Germany), “Hilti (Ukraine) Ltd” (Liechtenstein), “AJC Development” (France), “FineTime LTD” (Great Britain), etc.).

     Our teaching staff is a good example of the efficient team-work. We took part in a number of international projects: Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning Programme, Tacis-Tempus (EU), “Largis” (UK), training programs (London Metropolitan University (UK), Fund «InWent», Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany)), National Convention on the EU in Ukraine (Slovak Aid) etc.

   Faculty actively develops international cooperation with the National Council on Economic Education (USA), Regional Studies Association (UK), European Business Association (Ukraine), the University of Newcastle (UK), University og Foggia (Italy), Krakow University of Economics, University of Warsaw, Rzeszow University (Poland), the Technical University of Košice (Slovak Republic), Gazi University (Turkey), and other universities and research institutions worldwide. The faculty actively consults domestic and international businesses.


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     In order to work effectively on a large and promising market of the European Union, future specialists need to know stages and trends of European integration, EU institutional set-up and its functions, EU budget formation, mechanisms and instruments of common agricultural, regional, social, monetary, competition, industrial, technological, commercial, foreign and security policies, development strategies of the EU, which taken together determine the conditions for doing business in the EU’s internal market.

     Master Degree Program "European Business" is significant for Ukraine as the nearest neighbour of the EU seeking to take advantage of the potential of rapprochement with the EU in various sectors of national economy in order to protect its national interests and realize them within the course of creating a common European economic space.

  • Fedirko Oleksandr
    Ph.D., Doctor of Economic Sciences (habilitation), Associate Professor 17-year experience of scientific, educational  and business consultancy  practice. Graduated...
    Chuzhykov Viktor
    Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor 31-year experience of scientific and educational practice Head of Master Degree Program “European...

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Baccalaureate level courses
The European integration (specialty 6503)

The course is aimed at providing students with profound knowledge concerning the essence of European economic integration, basic directions of internal and external convergence of EU Member States, identification of national and supranational convergence models in the EU.

Regional geography
World economy
Analysis by country
Master degree level courses
International strategies of economic development (sp. 8103)

The aim of the course is to systemize the expertise of problems and methods concerning the realization of national and international macrostrategies of economic development.

European integration policy (sp. 8103/5).

The course is aimed at providing students with knowledge of the essence of European integration policy, its components, mechanisms and tools for regulation of macroproportions at national and supranational levels.

European business (sp. 8103/5)

The course is aimed at shaping the system of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competence for the organization of business transactions and managing company competitive behavior in conditions of modern business environment in the EU.

European project management (sp. 8103/5)

The aim of the course is to facilitate students with modern methodology and toolkit of project management of European organizations, practical skills of working out and implementing of projects, understanding the prospects of using this knowledge and skills in the process of European integration.

European strategies of Ukraine (sp. 8103/5)

The aim of the course is to provide the clear understanding of essence of European strategies of Ukraine, to reveal the ways and directions of elaboration of mutual convergence strategies between Ukraine and the EU.