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Department of foreign languages of FIEaM

Foreign Languages Department at the Faculty of International Economics and Management offers fundamental language teaching to develop students’ professionally-oriented communicative language competences, to allow them communicate effectively in their academic and professional environment.

The core learning objectives for the B2 language proficiency level incorporate professional competences in terms of general language/study skills; language knowledge; socio-linguistic and pragmatic competences. According to Common European Framework such a level of language proficiency will facilitate the academic and professional mobility of students, enable university graduates to function competitively in a professional and academic context and provide them with a platform for life-long learning.

Innovative methods of language teaching, such as case-studies, role-games, problem-solving discussions are widely used to facilitate students’ creative thinking ability and innovative approach to professional activity.

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The history of the Department of Foreign Languages goes back to the foundation and the development of the university.

In the past foreign languages were taught with the help of general language textbooks. Later the process of ESP textbooks origination was started. They contained the terms from different economic areas and reflected the peculiarities of economic sub-language.

The new period of intensive development of the department started when Professor Zhluctenko, a well-known scholar, became its head. Under his leadership the department produced a lot of scientific articles, textbooks and methodological materials.

Svitlana Savitska, PhD ran Foreign Languages Department in 1970-1989.  A lot of coursebooks, based on authentic economic texts were developed at that time.

Olga Shevchenko, PhD became the head of the department in 1989.  In 1992 the Faculty of International Economic and Management was set up and Olga  Shevchenko  became the head of Foreign Languages Department at the Faculty of International Economics and Management.

Foreign Languages Department carries out significant scientific and methodological work. The results of scientific work are published in numerous Ukrainian as well as foreign journals and magazines.

During 2009-2010, 2010-2011 academic years the members of the department together with their colleagues from Pearson-Longman organized two international tertiary conferences. Professors and lecturers from the UK as well as the representatives of more than 100 universities of Ukraine took part in them. The results of the conferences were summarized in the recent publication of scientific articles.

Lecturers of our department take an active part in projects of international cooperation. In 2009-2010 Joseph Truesdale, an Economic Officer at the US Embassy, delivered a course of lectures on comparative economics for our students and faculty. In 2010 – 2011 academic year the representatives of US business Robert Grant and Giles Farley were invited for conducting practical classes on  finance and investment.  Moreover, with the assistance of the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy our university had the honor to invite American professor Gerald Groshek from University of Redlands, California, within the framework of Fulbright Program in Ukraine.

  • Shevchenko Olha Leonidivna
    Education: Graduated with honors from Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko. Major in Philology (English).Got her Doctorate in English Philology, Candidate Dissertation...
    Kapustina Olha Volodymyrivna
    Education: Graduated from Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko. Major in Philology (English). Got her Doctorate in English Pedagogics....

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