Faculty of International Economics and Management

Department of Ukrainian language and literature

The Ukrainian Language and Literature Department is a structural unit of the International Economics and Management Faculty. It is a priority of the Department's team to develop a proper level of the linguistic skills in the future professional economists to make them competitive on the domestic and international labour markets.

Ukrainian and Russian as Foreign Languages

Ukrainian and Russian as Foreign Languages (these courses enable students from other linguistic cultures to properly master systems of the Ukrainian and Russian languages, improve their general education level, familiarise them with the Ukrainian culture and develop respect for it and, by doing so, contribute to the strengthening of the cross-cultural communication)

Ukrainian Literature

Ukrainian Literature (a language and literature course aimed at developing high linguistic competence in varying-style communication based on the integration of the national and cross-cultural components;

Scientific Language Culture

Scientific Language Culture (a course aimed at familiarising students with the contemporary scientific language picture of the world by improving the quality of the linguistic communication of a student in the scientific and professional field of activity and developing the foundations of the individual linguistic competence)

Polska mova

The purpose of the discipline "Polish language" is practical mastering of Polish Language and regulatory framework of functioning in communicative speech situations in different areas of professional activity and life, formation of students' linguistic and geographic competence. Practical and professional goal of the course is students mastering the skills of all types of free speech activity within program themes

Practical rhetoric