Faculty of International Economics and Management

Teaching Work

The innovativeness of the teaching process is manifested not only in the formal enhancement, but, first of all, in the improvement of the contents of the course material, which must be based on problems, cover the most topical and pressing issues, be based on the profound scientific basis taking account of the latest theoretical research and practical projects in the relevant area. All disciplines are provided with the dedicated methodological basis, such as textbooks and manuals in Ukrainian Literature, Scientific Language Culture, Language Culture. Verbal Scientific Communication, Ukrainian as a Foreign Language, Ukrainian. Introduction to Phonetics for Foreign Bachelors in Economics, Ukrainian in the Information Environment, etc. At the lectures and practical activities, the teachers of the Department attempt to rationally activate modern training technologies in order to develop appropriate linguistic and professional competencies in students. This approach makes it possible to teach a student to perceive information creatively, to analyse critically, to develop methods for the solution of problematic issues, to discuss and defend own opinions, to properly present the research results.
According to this the department is preparing for printing educational methodical manuals that are not only scientifically succinct, covering not only necessary for learning in the classroom language material, but also allow students to learn it up to date, including:


Last redaction: 28.08.19