Faculty of International Economics and Management

Department of international accounting and audit

International Audit and Accounting Department is the most recent department among the departments of International Economics and Management Faculty and was set up in 2010. Lecturing staff is represented by experienced professionals, who have Philosophy Doctors and Doctors of Science academic degrees in the sphere of economics and significant experience of lecturing in university, as well as by ambitious youth. At present 5 Professors, 6 Associate Professors and 3 Research Assistants work in the Department.

Disciplines of Bachelor’s Degree
Foreign Countries Accounting

Aim: obtaining necessary knowledge and practical skills by students in accounting in foreign countries considering accredited principles of accounting systems of different countries, IAS and financial statement standards.

Main tasks: understanding the specifics commonly found in national systems of accounting and financial statements of different countries

International economic analyses practical course

Aim: shaping knowledge about general processes of world economy, acquirement theoretical basis and obtaining skills in analyses of processes and trends in the sphere of international economic communication.

Main tasks: understanding the essence and structure of international economics at its microeconomic (international movement of goods and inputs) and macroeconomic (general world economy processes in the conditions of building-up international financial relations) levels; showing regularities and forms of world integration processes; illuminating the role of international organizations in international economy monitoring and regulation; teaching students to creatively analyze world and Ukrainian economy situation considering global economy system, define the level of development of Ukrainian international economic activity and offer own points of view for economic development problems and outlook

Disciplines of Master’s Degree
International standards accounting and audit (International Accounting and Auditing Department)

Aim: obtaining required theoretical knowledge on adjusting thesis and content of main IAS and financial statements and their clarification as well as gaining practical skills in implementing procedures of generation the statements and its reporting.

Main tasks: providing the understanding of key International accounting and financial standards thesis concerning financial statements, approaches to acceptance and disclosure of financial statements items, choosing and setting accounting policies and accounting assessment as well as concerning methods of formation financial statements by entrepreneurs and by groups of entrepreneurs

International transactions accounting (International Accounting and Auditing Department)

Aim: formation of modern knowledge system on international transactions accounting by mastery of their accounting methodology and main principles of economic processes accounting at Ukrainian enterprises.

Main tasks: providing the learning materials for students in an appropriate way, approaching the situations offered closely to the reality, teaching the students in such way to direct the accounting theory to development of obtaining, processing and usage methods of accounting information in enterprise management and in defining the legitimacy of enterprise functionality according to current legislation

International Taxation
Aim: formation of knowledge system in the sphere of world economy taxation and its development specifics at the moment.
Main task:
-          understanding the essence, conditions and problems of international taxation;
International Audit

Aim: obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in organization and methodology of audit conduction (independent check of accounting system, inner control and financial statements) and providing other audit services (side services) at enterprises and institutions, whose activity is connected with international transactions, international business partners for providing management system with required information, defining the audit role in international economic relations as well as learning international experience of audit activity, IAS

Corporations’ strategic operating analyses

Aim:shaping solid knowledge in the essence and core of economic processes, methods and indicators of their evaluation which allow to develop and make effective strategic management decisions in corporations as well as find the directions of competitive advantages advancement in different types of activity

European states tax systems

 “European states tax systems” course is devoted to researching tax models, their identification methods, convergence reasons and consequences, peculiarities of legal adaptation to EU environment, finding differences in EU and Ukraine tax models as well as mechanism and instruments of financial security