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Training "European business-practices of corporate social responsibility": the 5th and the 6th stage. The project`s final session events

    According to the framework of the grant project "European business-practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR)", the team of trainers from Kyiv National Economic University International Management Department has prepared the event “Ukraine on the European Crossroads of Responsibility” for the final session on the 1st of June 2017.

   During the summary session the project`s results were presented by the coordinator, professor Ludmila Petrashko. It was announced that 33 months of the project duration consisted of 6 stages and involved 247 training listeners. Nearly 60% of them were teachers from different Ukrainian universities and 40% of them were the students. It was mentioned that 6 new courses were introduced in 4 Ukrainian universities and 87 courses were modified in 9 Ukrainian universities.

     In addition, the statistics on the project`s web-site http://csr-eu-jm.com.ua was presented. It was stated that 1291 unique visitors from Ukraine viewed the project`s website. Moreover, there was a percentage of visitors from the EU (39%), Canada (34%), the USA (20%), Russian federation (5%) and other countries.

     As for the project`s Facebook community “Responsible management”, it was mentioned that it was viewed by the visitors from Ukraine (744 persons, representing nearly all the regions), from the USA (22), from Germany (12), from Poland (11), from Russian Federation (6) and from other countries. The gender analyses showed that 57% of them were women and 42% of them were men. Thus, it was considered that the project has successfully complied the gender requirements.

     In the end of her report, professor Ludmila Petrashko presented the book “European Business-Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility: Interdisciplinary Training” and the research “Comparative Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility Business-Practices: EU and Ukraine”. The current materials were spread among the listeners.

     The final session also included the Ecological workshop “Your Footprint on the Planet”, during which the assistant professor Yehor Kyian together with the listeners calculated the individual ecological footprint, that characterized the personal impact on the environment.

     The session was finished by the associate professor Olena Martynyuk. She held the certificates award ceremony, during which the certificates were given to 101 listeners of the previous autumn and spring sessions.

     In detail, the 5th stage was held in October 2016 (03.10.2016-08.10.2016) and 39 listeners attended the training.

     The 6th stage was conducted in March-May 2017 (27.03.2017-01.06.2017). The number of participants of the mentioned stage was equal to 62 persons.

     Currently, the project`s team is preparing the final reports. Moreover, the team continues working on the various aspects of corporate social responsibility, emphasizing its ethical aspects, and is looking forward to further cooperation.