Faculty of International Economics and Management

Congratulations to the winners of the 86th University Scientific Conference!14 May 2019р.

On May 14, 2019, the 86th University Conference "Innovative Ukraine: Creative Ideas and Projects" was held. Students of the specialties "International Economic Relations" and "Economics of Enterprise" 1-3 courses participated in the platform "Ukraine in the European Innovation Space" of the Department of European Economics and Business.

Interesting reports and presentations sparked heated discussions.

The following speeches were recognized as the best:

1st place - Kravchenko R., Gavryshchuk K., 3rd course, the theme of the report "Involvement of Ukraine in the European innovation area";

2nd place - Klimenko V., 3rd course, topic of the paper "Innovations in the economic environment of Sweden: experience for Ukraine";

2 nd place - Lutsyuk A., Krupko E., 2d course, topic of the report "Convergence of economic development of EU member states";

3rd place - Fomichev A., 2d course, topic of the report "The role of automotive industry in the economy of Germany";

3rd place - Kolesnik A., 1st course, topic of the report "Innovation system of Switzerland";

3rd place - Ignatyeva V., 3rd course, topic of the paper "Innovative Business Models of the UK: Experience for Ukraine".

Congratulations to the winners and their scientific advisors Vinska O., Goncharova A. and Tkalenko S.!