Faculty of International Economics and Management

Scientific activity

Research work on the faculty is conducted by the scientists-economists known in Ukraine: prof. Poruchnik A. M., academician Pakhomov Yu. M., prof. Antonyuk L. L., prof. Shvidanenko of O. A., prof. Stolyarchuk Y. M., associate professors  Filipenko V.I., young research –workers,  associate professors  Brikova I. V., Gayday Yu. V., Il'nickiy D. O., Pacenko O. Yu., Molchanova E. Yu., Grischenko A. A., Savicka S. O., Ol'shevska I. P. and over 30 post-graduate students of the faculty. 

For years of existence on the faculty were prepared  7 doctors and 30 candidates of economic sciences. In 2009  doctor of economic  sciences  Shvidanenko  O. A. and doctor of economic  sciences  Stolyarchuk  Ya. M. for the cycle of works “Global economic development: tendencies, contradictions, asymmetries”, were awarded by the Bonus of President of Ukraine for young scientists, and post - graduate student Zaricka I. A. became the laureate of Bonus of Fund of President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma for the best scientific work among young researchers on a theme: ” A redistribution of financial shocks  in an economy in the conditions of global financial-economical crisis”.

The research workers of department put beginning of  such pioneer directions of scientific researches in Ukraine, as:

  • integration of Ukraine in world economies; 
  • global regionalization;
  • international competitiveness of countries;
  • innovative component of global economic development;
  • global asymmetries of economic development.

Only during last 10 years the research workers of department published more than 10 fundamental individual and collective monographs, which got a high estimation among scientific public of Ukraine and abroad. Among them:

  • Poruchnik A. M., Antonyuk L. L. Risky capital: foreign experience and  problems of  becoming  in Ukraine ( 2000)
  • Poruchnik A. M., Antonyuk L. L.  and others. Strategies of economic development  in the conditions of globalization ( 2001).
  • Pakhomov Yu.M., Lukyanenko D.G. and others. Globalization and safety of development ( 2001).
  • Antonyuk L. L., Poruchnik A.M., Savchuk V.C.. Innovations: theory, mechanism of development and commercialization ( 2003).
  • Antonyuk L. L. International competitiveness of countries: theory and mechanism of realization (2004).
  • Poruchnik  A. M., Antonyuk L. L., Shvidanenko  O. A. and others.  Management of international competitiveness  in the conditions of globalization of economic development. In two volumes (2006).
  • Pakhomov Yu.M. and others. Civilizational  models of  present times ( 2006).
  • Shvidanenko O. A. Global paradigm of competitiveness: theoretical and applied aspects ( 2007).
  • Poruchnik A. M., Antonyuk L. L., Shvidanenko  O. A. and others.  General European economic space: harmonization of over-regional contradictions ( 2007)
  • Poruchnik A. M. National interest of Ukraine: economic self-sufficiency  in the global measuring ( 2008).
  • Poruchnik A. M., Stolyarchuk Ya. M. and others. Global economics of  the ХХІ century: human measuring ( 2008).
  • Pakhomov Yu.M. Strategy of innovative development of Ukraine in 2010- 2020 in the conditions of  globalizational challenges ( 2008).
  • Stolyarchuk Ya. M. Global asymmetries of economic development ( 2009).
  • PoruchnikA. M., Stolyarchuk Ya. M., Antonyuk L. L. Anti-cyclic regulation  of market economy: global prospectS ( 2010).
  • Poruchnik A. M., Antonyuk L. L., Stolyarchuk Ya. M. Convergence  of economic models of  Poland and Ukraine ( 2010).

Today  the research work is conducted within the framework of realization of the inter-faculty state budget research theme: “Strategies of national development  in the paradigm of global economic policy”. It is co-ordinated by  the Center of international competitiveness, which is structural subdivision of research Institute of global economic policy of faculty of international economics and management of KNEU.

The members of  faculty take part in the lead through of a number of international conferences, symposiums, seminars, in particular constantly operating intergovernmental conference :Ukraine on a way  to the mature national state system: passing to the developed market economy (2002-2005,  Washington, USA), Economics America (2000, Savanna,  USA), Expansion of EU to east (2001, Brussels, Belgium), Disintegration of the USSR: 10 years after (2001,  Moscow,Russia), Regional Development-2002 (2002,  Kaunas, Lithuania), Reinventing Regions in the of Global Economy (2003,  Piza, Italy), Social differentiation and economy growing in the conditions of regionalization and globalization (2005,  Zheshov, Poland); Transfrontal collaboration: on a way  to EU (2005,  Okhrid, Macedonia); Social inequality  and economic growing (2008,  Zheshov, Poland), Management  and  Sustainable Development (2009,  Sofiya, Bulgaria); Turkey power bribe for Europe: prospects and challenges (2009, Brussels, Belgium), Veda of v  vznik 2009/2010 (2010,  Prague, Czech Republic) and much others.

In the scientifically methodical work of collective  of the faculty  an important place belongs  to bringing in the student in the research work, in particular through application of various innovative forms and methods of activation of educational process: lead through scientifically methodical and thematic seminars, round, scientific -practical conferences, grant of consultative table and  methodical help at preparation of students to participating in Olympiads and scientific conferences and competitions, organization and lead through of annual scientific - practical conference of students of KNEU (section  -  International economy) and others . A student scientific group is working within the faculty ,the participants of which repeatedly  have became the prizewinners of Ukrainian student Olympiad over the  speciality of  International economics, and also obtained the first places on international student conferences.

Consulting activity

Important directions of  scientifically –consulting activity of the faculty  is participating of its specialists  in preparation of legislative and normative documents, analytical materials, for state institutions of Cabinet  of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of foreign affairs, Department of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine, Ministry of economics of  Ukraine, Research economic institute of Ministry of economics  concerning the  questions of  European integration of Ukraine, Edinburg  school of business, Institute of economics, ecology and law, Kiev Regional State Administration, Institute of gas of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade, State committee concerning the  questions of regulator policy,  joint-stock company of DKHL International Ukraine.

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