Faculty of International Economics and Management

Training "European business-practices of corporate social responsibility": the 3rd and the 4th stage28 April 2016р.

   According to the framework of the grant project №553110-EPP-1-2014-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE, the team of trainers from Kyiv National Economic University International Management Department conducted further stages of the training "European business-practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR)" on the basis of "Kyiv National Economic University" in the years 2015-2016, during which the teachers and students acted as experts and assessed the features of CSR practices in different companies. The number of participants of the mentioned stage exceeded 60 persons.



   The final meeting of the third and fourth stage was held on the 6th of April 2016, where the teachers presented their scientific and methodological developments for teaching certain topics in various disciplines, while including the issues of corporate social responsibility.

   The final session of the current stage of the training was opened by professor Petrashko Ludmila – academic coordinator of the project "European business practices of CSR". She drew attention to the fact that the achieved results of this training were familiarizing the participants with the theoretical basis and practical experience on social responsibility, encouraging the development vision of effective strategies for corporate social responsibility as an integral part of sustainable development and distributing the European experience in responsible business practices, implementing of the received knowledge both in teaching and in the activity of Ukrainian companies.

   Another person with a welcoming speech to the audience was Oksana Tyupa – a national coordinator on work with partners at NGO "Lets do it Ukraine!". She presented nationwide environmental campaign "Lets do it Ukraine! Lets make Ukraine clean together!".

   The first module of the final training session was the presentation of group and individual case projects "European business practices of CSR: adaptation in Ukraine."

   The second module of final training session was the workshop «Expert`s review of CSR cases." Workshop participants took part in the assessment of both theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility based on the training cases prepared by the participants.

  The training listeners were awarded with certificates in the end of the session.


Currently, the team continues preparing a collection of teaching cases on various aspects of corporate social responsibility, which were developed by training participants, and conducting a field research.