Faculty of International Economics and Management

Global RSA Conference in Tampere, Finland19 May 2013р.

Head of the European Integration Department Viktor Chuzhykov visited the Pan-European Regional Studies Association Conference in Tampere, Finland on 5-8 May, 2013. 

He presented a joint report titled "Innovation Dynamics of Regional Growth in Ukraine"

The abstract of the report has been published in the conference proceedings:
Chuzhykov V.I., Fedirko O.A. Innovation Dynamics of Regional Growth in Ukraine / / Proceedings of the Annual Regional Studies Association Conference "Shape and be Shaped: The Future Dynamics of Regional Development", 5th-8th May 2013, University of Tampere, Finland: pp. 25-26.


Viktor Ivanovych was also invited to chair section A15 "Elements and Indicators of the knowledge economy in the European context"