Faculty of International Economics and Management

Extending cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation27 May 2013р.

 February 12, 2013 at the press club "Social dimension of the modernization of society: higher education and health care systems" Department of European integration in the face of Chuzhikov V. and Nykonyuk K. continued cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.  The event involved representatives from the media, government officials, independent experts and activists leading funds that deal with health issues and higher education (Foundation "Renaissance"). The purpose of the press club was to start a public discussion of the "Social consequences of Ukraine's European integration: the system of higher education and health care," which was published in December 2012 as a result of the September conference held jointly by the Department of European Integration and F. Ebert Foundation. Specialists of our department highlighted the possible socio-economic implications of signing the Agreement on Free Trade for higher education and health care, proposed measures to be taken by the Ukrainian government and non-governmental organizations, in order to obtain the greatest benefit from enhanced cooperation with the EU.