Faculty of International Economics and Management

Congratulations to R. Lyubachivska and S.I. Tkalenko!12 December 2018р.

On the 4th of December, 2018 successful defense of the PhD thesis "Formation of high-tech clusters in bioeconomy of the EU" by PhD student of the Department of European Integration (today European economy and business) - Roksolyana Zinovievna Lyubachivska, Director of the Center for International Academic Mobility took place.

The dissertation is devoted to the research of formation of high technology clusters in the bioeconomy of the European Union in modern conditions of innovation and technological progress. The paper describes the principles and modern determinants of the functioning of high-tech clusters in bioeconomy and defines a method for identifying their effects. The regional model of development of biotechnological clusters has been analyzed, the necessary directions of implementation of European experience in clustering of the biotechnological sector of Ukraine are proposed.

In 2015, Roksolyana Lubachivska was the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific student works in the direction "Current issues of cooperation with the European Union". (https://meim.kneu.edu.ua/ru/depts6/evrointegracii/ei_news/All_Ukrainiancontest/)

"The defense of this thesis for KNEU is a unique event, since it is the first time with the two scientific consultants-   Associate Professor  of our university Svitlana Tkalenko and the Doctor of Philosophy Edgardo Sica (University of Foggia, Italy)," said the rector of KNEU Dmytro Grygorovich Lukyanenko.