Faculty of International Economics and Management

Global Jean Monnet Conference in Brussels19 December 2016р.

      Difficult situation in the European Union today triggers a lively debate among scientists working in the field of European integration, as well as among the heads of departments of the EU institutions and bodies. That is why the European Commission has decided to use its long tradition of brainstorming among leading researchers at the international conference, entitled "Global governance in times of global change", held 17-18 October 2016 in Brussels (Belgium). It was attended by about 250 Jean Monnet Professors, as well as individual module coordinators from 59 countries. Ukraine was represented by seven academics, three of whom were Jean Monnet Professors (Professor V.I. Chuzhykov represented Kyiv National Economic University). Clearly, the turbulent development of modern EU was the focus of the conference. The main issues discussed were: Brexit, the war in Syria and uncontrolled migration to Europe, hybrid warfare in Ukraine (which was not officially on the agenda of the conference, but was mentioned almost in every panel report). Informal communication revealed a sincere interest in Ukraine.

      Important directions of public support to academic research, deriving from some EU officials’ reports, are international and interdisciplinary projects, extension of Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence network, as well as creating global research networks. Negotiations conducted by Prof. V.I. Chuzhykov open up the access of our University to the advanced forms of international academic collaboration, facilitating growing opportunities of launching some new grant projects in KNEU.