Faculty of International Economics and Management

Academic mobility training at the University of Foggia (Italy)27 July 2018р.

   In accordance with the agreement signed between the University of Foggia and KNEU, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, professors of the Department of European Integration Viktor Chuzhykov and Oleksandr Fedirko were given an opportunity to take academic training at this Italian university during May 14-20, 2018. Academic mobility program activities included best practices exchange in such spheres as: activities of the Center for International Relations; the organization of work on EU programs; the system of international students recruiting, as well as fundraising via different grant programs. It became extremely important to familiarize with the structure of the university's economic faculty, its activities and internationalization of its’ academic process.

   An important result of this visit was that one of the leading professors of the university - Edgardo Sika agreed to be a co-supervisor of the Ph.D. research, performed by a postgraduate student of our department (Roksoliana Liubachivska) who, during her preliminary internship in the first semester of 2017/2018 academic year, was involved in joint research in the field of bioeconomics, and produced publications with prof. Sika.

   On their way back, professors Chuzhikov and Fedirko visited the largest and the most prestigious university in Italy - Sapienza University of Rome, which was founded in 1303, and now has more than 100 thousand students.